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Google Account Bypass (FRP Bypass) Methods for Android Mobiles 

In this topic we covered FRP bypass (Google factory reset protection), topics we covered:

Meaning of FRP Bypass / Google Account Bypass

FRP means “Factory Reset Protection” which develops by google for someone who can’t wipe data and factory reset their android phones. It works on Android 5.0 or the latest version also. FRP makes it harder to open and use your lost or stolen Mobile phones.

If someone reset your phone and didn’t know your google account and password, your device locked in no time. In this case, FRP bypass methods are release to use your android mobile phones. This Google account (FRP) Bypass method and tools can break google factory reset protection.

Bypass google factory reset protection

If you forget your google account and password you need to bypass your google account to use your device. In this situation, FRP bypasses APK, and tools are very useful to bypass google factory reset protection. In our comment section lots of visitors asking to help them to bypass the FRP lock. 

In this article, we shared our tips and tricks to how to bypass factory reset protection on their locked android mobile phones.

Requirements for bypass FRP

To bypass a google account you need some APK files, other download tools, an internet connection, and some methods need to pc/laptop also. Android version must be Lollipop or greater 5.0 version. As mention above FRP help to protect the mobile from lost/stolen cases. To FRP bypass, tools, and APKlike Odin, USB drive, OTG, PC, Google account manager APK, file manager APK, Development setting APK, and many others. We talk briefly in the articles below.

FRP Bypass with OTG

One of the easiest ways to FRP bypass is to bypass OTG and flash drive. You need an internet connection, a flash drive (A memory Card can be also used with a card reader), and OTG (if your phone has a type C port you can use Type C OTG).

Here are the simple steps to bypass FRP with OTG.

  • Download FRP bypass APK from this link, if the download link not works please check the given post below.
  • (You can download APK file on your laptop/pc or your mobile phone also)
  • After downloading the file copy FRP bypass APK file on your memory card or flash drive.
  • After copying the file restart your mobile device.
  • Now go to google factory reset protection screen appears
  • Connect your OTG device (Memory card or flash drive)
  • When you connect OTG instantly file explorer will open on your android device.
  • Open the folder where you save FRP bypass APK file saved.
  • Now click the downloaded file and install it. (if you are unable to install this, allow the unknown sources from the setting.)
  • After completing the installation process, tap on open it, now it directly goes to the setting option.
  • From their scroll down setting option, go to the backup and reset option, tap on factory data reset or erase all data.

That’s it take some time to reset your device and restart automatically. After doing that all your data and google account deleted successfully.

Bypass google account protection without OTG

Above we guide how to bypass FRP by using OTG, but in this method, we share bypass google account protection without OTG. In this method, we need to be a working internet connection and downloaded the FRP bypass tool.

Here are the simple steps to bypass a google account with FRP bypass tools:

  • Restart or turn on your FRP-locked mobile phone.
  • Go to FRP locked screen (Google account id password input screen)
  • At the end of the bottom left side of the keyboard tap on the setting.
  • Tap 3 dot on top of the screen to choose help and feedback options.
  • After choosing help and feedback options write anything on there and select text and choose the “Share” option.
  • after choosing the share option select the message option from there. 
  • Type any number in the number section, next select it and tap the contacts icon.
  • Taping call icon button and tap new call button, (Dialpad open to inter number)
  • Enter this number on the dial pad. “ *#*#4636#*#* “
  • Select usage statistics option again tap on the back button (it takes settings)
  • When you go to the setting option go to backup and reset to erase all the data and Google account also.

Great folks, we success to bypass FRP lock from android phones with these simple steps.

How to FRP bypass with Odin (Solution of Custom Binary Lock by FRP)

This FRP bypass method on all Samsung devices is greater than 5.0 versions. Sometimes a custom binary locks automatically or default FRP applied on the device. When you turn on the phone it displays a “custom binary blocked by FRP” message shown on the screen. If you are hitting a problem like this, here is the right solution for you.

  • First, you need to be working network connection with Laptop/PC,
  • Download Odin's latest version (Official download link), after downloading the Odin unzip the file and run as administrator.
  • Connect your phone to download mode. (Volume down+ power button) (in some device hold volume down + power button + home button also)
  • (Some device like Samsung j6 hold the volume down button and connect USB to get download mode)
  • When you successfully connect to Odin it shows a message like “Added” 
  • Before doing that you need to download the firmware of your device (Sammobile is the official website to download Samsung mobile software)
  • You can search frpfile download to bypass FRP.
  • After downloading the FRP file on your pc, unzip it.
  • In Odin now select AP and choose the downloaded file.
  • Click “Start” wait until finished the process, your device reboots automatically.
  • Wait some time to get the finished process, now set up your wizard, in the google account login page you can see the skip option to bypass FRP of your Samsung mobile phone.

Great using this method you can bypass any Samsung FRP lock or Google account lock. It also bypasses the pattern lock of any devices. If you don’t know how to download and bypass please watch the video below.

Google account bypass tools and APK list

We generate our energies to collect all the tools and application in one place to bypass FRP lock, So let's check out:

All FRP Bypass APK Files in Single Place

If any link not working please inform us we update the link. We will update more tools in the future, we working on it...

Other FRP Bypass Methods

We are covering all other methods to bypass google account protection, here is a list of FRP bypass methods.

  • Bypass FRP with Flash method with different software like Odin, sp flash tools.

  • Bypass with account login method

  • Bypass with serial/TCP terminal method
  • FRP bypass with quick shortcut maker APK uses.

Watch Video to FRP Bypass of Android Mobiles.

Related question and answers:

We cover most of FRP bypass tools and methods but take the time to read some most asking questions and answers related to FRP Bypass tools and APK.

Does FRP Bypass tools and APK are free and safe?

Yes it is totally free to use (without any risk)

Do this APK and tools can be used on other models and android device

This APK file and tools can be used on any android device, (Samsung, Nokia, Redmi … other also) different versions of apps and tools worked on different versions of android 5.0, 8, 9, 10 versions also.

Does this method work on the latest smartphones?

No, some device with the latest version doesn't work, for this type of device watch this video.

So all of these methods are work perfectly, we shared different methods for different versions of android devices if you facing any problem with FRP bypass APK and tools comment below to get help. If this helps you subscribe to our youtube channel and follow our blog guide.

Hope you enjoy it.

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